My Pledge to the Citizens of Maple Ridge/Mission:










"The change you want - the representation you deserve" 


"I have listed the initiatives and my position, on some key topics I would like to focus on as your elected voice in Maple Ridge/Mission.  I hope to achieve the following and more. I need YOUR support to fulfill this mandate"- Chelsa Meadus 


Community Safety

Community safety is a priority for me- all citizens deserve to feel safe and supported.  Ultimately working from a place of consistency and equality, I believe with collaboration we can achieve more. 




The senior population in both Maple Ridge and Mission is increasing at a higher rate than the rest of British Columbia. If elected, I pledge to support the strong foundation of work that continues in these two communities. No senior should feel isolated and all our citizens should have the opportunity to age gracefully and actively in the city they call home.



Citizens have a right to be involved in government. For 20 years I have been working in Community Building and have discovered new ways citizens can be involved, informed and active. I would work to advance growth in these areas.


Business Development

Growing, supporting and developing business is essential.  Most of our citizens commute outside for employment and that also creates challenges, some of these are obvious while others are not. Long commutes do not support local business and make it harder for citizens to engage. We have a lot of young families who are deeply impacted by access to childcare.



Recreation, Arts and Parks

Maple Ridge/Mission has not kept up with the investment in facilities other communities have. Our sports and recreation facilities are sub-par, outdated and not sufficient for our population. 



Most of our residents commute to a different city to work. We need to have a voice at the TransLink table that highlights the need for additional transit opportunities in our community


Responsible Growth

Maple Ridge/Mission is attracting a younger demographic we need to have opportunities for everyone to LIVE, WORK and PLAY in our community. The challenge has been assuring new residential is being built alongside resources such as schools, parks and community gathering areas. 


I believe the way we have communicated with our citizens can be greatly improved. I would support a new approach to how we engage with our citizens.


I believe we have an opportunity in tourism to highlight ecotourism, farm tourism and promote our amazing natural resources in both Maple Ridge and Mission.

Inspired Solutions

Technological innovations designed to save energy, money and time are where I would like to focus investigation and initiative. Moving towards becoming a smart city! 


Funding Alternatives 

Sponsorship, Private Public Partnership Opportunities



© 2018 by Chelsa Meadus


Maple Ridge/Mission, BC Canada

Authorized by: Chelsa Meadus

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