Our Community

“Imagine a community where we could work, live and play”

A community where you make a home, work for economic prosperity and enjoy your leisure time.  We need to build the foundation to allow more people to enjoy these three simple concepts right here in Maple Ridge.  The vision for Maple Ridge needs to include this goal.  With housing strategies, strong economic development we can invest in more recreation opportunities.  LIVE, WORK AND PLAY IN MAPLE RIDGE...IT IS POSSIBLE.

Our People 

"Imagine a community where we all looked out for each other"

Asset Building is taking an inventory of the skills, abilities, experience and interests of those in your area.  Imagine if you knew your neighbour had a card buiness and you no longer needed to rush out for birthday cards, or the quiet couple down the road taught french and would tutor your kids.  If your neighbours knew you have a small business baking and they could order cakes, cookies or pies directly from you, supporting your dream to work exclusively from home.  Imagine if we all supported each other how much less we would need from outside our own community.  The positive impacts would be staggering.

Our Voice

"Imagine a community where your voice was heard and diversity was welcomed"

Everyone has something to contribute.  We all have skills, abilities and knowledge to share. Imagine a community where we shared what we have to offer.  Exchanged goods and services and supported each other.


© 2018 by Chelsa Meadus

Email: chelsa.meadus@bcliberals.com

Maple Ridge/Mission, BC Canada

Authorized by: Chelsa Meadus

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